Real Estate Investment in Gran Pacifics

Nicaragua Real Estate in Gran Pacifica-Affordable Luxury Homes & Casitas

Get Affordable Luxury with Beautiful Homes, Condos and Casitas at Gran Pacifica Golf & Beach Resort, Nicaragua

The increase of tourism and foreign investment has led to improvements in Nicaragua's infrastructure, making it even closer to northern Costa Rica's Guanacaste province. The pacific coast of Nicaragua is next in line for the development and tourism boom.

Gran Pacifica offers you ready-to-buy properties, including houses, condos, casitas and golf course homes, which you can buy as an investment to rent, or live in part of the year and rent for the rest. By building communities with the infrastructure and resort amenities expected by North American consumers, we accelerate the speed of sales, retail prices and return on investment to investors such as yourself.

Once you buy a property to rent, you can relax and let the on-site rental management and concierge service handle all rental details for you. The rental pool at Gran Pacifica allows you to rent your home or condo without any worries. Simply sit back and enjoy the rental income available to you.

In addition, Gran Pacifica is unique in the region in offering pre-approved financing through Caye International Bank.


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Seeing large U.S. Company investments in Nicaragua reassured us that homework had been done on stability and opportunity for return on investment. We are excited to begin construction this year and have shared the opportunity with friends and family, who have also chosen to purchase property at Gran Pacifica.  

Dan Aranda

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