An Enchanting Wedding in Nicaragua

Posted by Mike Cobb on Jan 3, 2013 10:30:21 AM

I recently enjoyed 2 great weddings, an unusual but delightful occurrence for me to get two great celebrations back to back like this. Â Big Bob and his sweetheart bride Margelli, known to all as "Gelly" tied the knot in an outdoor wedding at their home in Villa el Carmen, Nicaragua.

Weddings in Nicaragua are a grand affair and often go into the wee hours of the morning, although I did not make it that far this time.  The wedding was beautiful with about 50 in attendance for the ceremony.  But by the time I was  leaving about 110% of the neighborhood had shown up for the party and there must have been 200 people in the front yard getting ready to dance in front of the mountain of speakers they'd set up.  Loud music is the norm in Nicaragua.  Music to be heard 100 miles away is what they set up for a wedding.

Big Bob, originally from the Atlanta area is the property manager for Gran Pacifica. Â Gelly is setting up a restaurant by their home in the coming months and will serve Big Bob's famous tacos and enormous burritos. Â More on that when they open their place. Â Congratulations to Big Bob and Gelly.

Totally unrelated, but neat for me was that I got to eat a star fruit right off the tree in their yard before the wedding.  Never seen a star fruit tree before.  Fun and delicious to eat a tree ripened star fruit.  Nothing like I've ever tasted before.

Check out the photos below.

The Happy Couple

Mike with Nicaragua Wedding Guests

Nicaragua Wedding


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