Parachuting and Golf in Nicaragua – An Interesting Convergence

Posted by Mike Cobb on May 17, 2012 3:48:06 PM

A friend of Mine, Rich Grimm had been running a group of folks call the Tsunami Skydivers to Belize for over a decade when he decided to take a change of pace and bring 150 of them to Nicaragua. Because Rich and I stay in touch, he knew about Gran Pacifica and suggested we stage a landing of a couple dozen skydivers onto the golf course when they came to Nicaragua. Take a look at the link to see an article about their trip and some photos of the skydivers coming down and landing on the golf course at Gran Pacifica.

The tsunami skydiver group landed in gran pacifica article

This was also the trip where my friends Nick and Amy Furchner visited. Nick was one of the skydivers to land at Gran Pacifica. Later in the week I took he and Amy and a few of their friends to visit Volcano Masaya, lunch in Granada, and a boat ride on Lake Nicaragua to visit Monkey Island. Their visit was also the only time that I have ever received a ticket for a traffic violation in Nicaragua. You’ve already seen a blog about that.


Skydive, Golf and Surf Nicaragua - All at Gran Pacifica

If you would like to golf in Nicaragua, Gran Pacifica has a spectacular course with 4 holes playing down, along and away from the ocean. If you are a skydiver looking for a place to land, we’ll accommodate you too. Remember that the winds can make for a tricky landing or golf play especially along the ocean.

A lot of folks are now enjoying an ocean front condo with views of the golf course and the world famous surf break, "The Meatgrinder." A kinder, gentler beach break also awaits those just learning or taking it easy. Special packages are available for anyone interested in a surf and turf vacation, golfing and surfing as the mood strikes you. Be in touch and come visit.



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