Jaguar Coin in New Wildlife Series of Nicaragua


Posted on 10. Jul, 2018 by Jamie Cain

The Banco Central de Nicaragua, (Central Bank of Nicaragua) has issued the first coin in a new series that spotlights the country’s distinctive and prevailing ... Continue Reading

Nicaragua: A Coffee Lover's Paradise


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Throughout history agriculture has been a large part of Nicaragua's economy. The nation receives a substantial part of its gross domestic product from ... Continue Reading

Exploring the Ancient Culture of Nicaragua


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Today, Nicaragua is best known for its incredible surfing beaches, its affordable cost of living and its appeal to tourists who want to get off the beaten ... Continue Reading

Enjoy Amazing Culture Among Locals in Nicaragua


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There are a variety of reasons to want to visit or even live in Nicaragua: amazing climate, an affordable cost of living, incredible historical landmarks, ... Continue Reading

Get the Most Out of Culture in Nicaragua


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Some of the Top Ways You Can Experience Nicaragua Culture


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Get the Insider's Guide to Culture in Nicaragua


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Nicaragua Cigars Get Top Rankings Among Experts and Leading Trade Magazines


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Cuba has a traditional, well-deserved reputation as the ... Continue Reading

Exploring the Culture in Nicaragua


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Spain was the first to colonize Nicaragua and Spanish explorers and traders focused their attention to the western parts of the country. The product was a powerful ... Continue Reading

Cigar-making at the Mombacho Cigar Boutique Factory


Posted on 21. Feb, 2013 by Gran Pacifica

Making Cigars in NicaraguaContinue Reading

Culture in Nicaragua Begins at Gran Pacifica Resort


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For people who want to take a quick dip into the culture of Nicaragua, the Gran Pacifica Beach Resort offers an ideal program to visitors. Called the Chill Weekend, tourists can book a four-day ... Continue Reading

Introduction to the Rich Culture in Nicaragua


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As the largest country in Central America, the culture in Nicaragua resembles its size. The ... Continue Reading

Nicaragua Has a Strong and Vibrant Cultural Heritage


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Nicaragua has a strong and vibrant cultural heritage, richly influenced by Iberian and Amerindian cultures. Half of the country was colonized by Spain, and the Spanish influence can still be felt ... Continue Reading