How Nicaraguan Real Estate Can Diversify Your Investments


Posted on 02. Dec, 2015 by Mike Cobb

As the old adage goes, never place all of your eggs into one basket. Never could that be truer than in the world of investing. If you keep all of your hard-earned ... Continue Reading

Nicaragua Gets New Pilot Loan Program


Posted on 02. Dec, 2015 by Adam McGeehan

Investing in Nicaragua is looking better all the time. The Nicaraguan economy has been growing by leaps and bounds in recent years. Since 2010, the GDP of Nicaragua ... Continue Reading

Visiting the Hospital in Nicaragua


Posted on 01. Dec, 2015 by Adam McGeehan

I have been living in Nicaragua for 3 months now and enjoying it immensely. Nicaragua is the perfect balance of different enough to be an adventure, but still ... Continue Reading

5 Reasons to Invest in Property in Nicaragua


Posted on 25. Nov, 2015 by Mike Cobb

Nicaragua is becoming an increasingly popular tourism destination, competing with other top getaway spots like Costa Rica and Mexico. While Nicaragua certainly ... Continue Reading

Nicaragua’s Stunning Cloud Forests


Posted on 24. Nov, 2015 by Adam McGeehan

Nicaragua is a country known for its natural beauty. Whether it’s the picturesque Pacific coast beaches, the rolling hills of the west or the mountainous region of ... Continue Reading

Exploring Nicaragua's Volcanoes


Posted on 23. Nov, 2015 by Adam McGeehan

Volcanoes, who doesn’t love them?  They're arguably some of the most interesting geological structures on the planet. For many, volcanoes are a fairly ... Continue Reading

Managua Gets New Stadium and Improved Shopping Center


Posted on 20. Nov, 2015 by Adam McGeehan

Managua is the capital of Nicaragua, and a very modern and thriving city. One can find just about anything they are looking for in Managua, from fine dining to ... Continue Reading

7 Things to Do While Staying at Gran Pacifica Beach & Golf Resort


Posted on 18. Nov, 2015 by Mike Cobb

Located just outside of Managua and along the coast of the Pacific Ocean, Gran Pacifica Beach and Golf Resort is an amazing place to get away from everyday life ... Continue Reading

Quality of Nicaraguan Infrastructure Continues to Increase


Posted on 17. Nov, 2015 by Adam McGeehan

For years now, the quality of the Nicaraguan infrastructure has been improving. The country has come a long way from dirt roads and spotty cell service. Spurred by ... Continue Reading

How You Can Start Planning for Retirement in Nicaragua


Posted on 12. Nov, 2015 by Gran Pacifica

Retiring in Nicaragua is a popular goal for many people from around the world, and it is easy to see why. Nicaragua is an affordable place to live, and real estate ... Continue Reading

Exploring the Pastimes of Nicaragua's Residents


Posted on 04. Nov, 2015 by Gran Pacifica

Nicaragua has earned a reputation as an outdoor enthusiast's dream destination. People from all around the world gravitate to Nicaragua in order to make the most ... Continue Reading

Meet the Gran Pacifica Consular Warden


Posted on 02. Nov, 2015 by Jessica Wolfe

It’s always important to know the resources available in the event of an emergency and to know there is a strong network of support in place. Here at Gran Pacifica, ... Continue Reading

Make the Most of Your Holidays in Nicaragua


Posted on 30. Oct, 2015 by Gran Pacifica

One of the best things about Nicaragua is the climate, which is relatively warm and steady throughout the year. As winter approaches, the days are colder than ever ... Continue Reading

A Visit to Granada, One of Nicaragua’s Most Historic Cities


Posted on 30. Oct, 2015 by Adam McGeehan

Granada has been in the news a lot lately. US News Money recently wrote a piece on Granada’s beautiful sites and incredibly affordable cost of living. The Seattle ... Continue Reading

Nicaraguan Air Safety and Control Upgraded to Highest Rating by FAA


Posted on 23. Oct, 2015 by Adam McGeehan

This past week, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) upgraded Nicaragua’s air safety and traffic control rating to Category 1. This is the highest rating that ... Continue Reading