The Importance of Diversifying Investments


Posted on 03. Feb, 2016 by Mike Cobb

The odds are high that you've heard the phrase, "Don't put all your eggs into one basket." This applies to several areas of life, but perhaps it is most effective ... Continue Reading

Why Nicaragua is the New Costa Rica


Posted on 28. Jan, 2016 by Adam McGeehan

Costa Rica has achieved great success in recent decades as a top-of-the-list destination for Americans looking to vacation or retire abroad. With its beautiful, ... Continue Reading

Enjoy a Life of Luxury by Lowering Your Cost of Living


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Make 2016 Your Year of Prosperity


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What You Need to Know About Your Real Estate Developer Before You Invest


Posted on 20. Jan, 2016 by Mike Cobb

When you buy real estate that belongs to part of a community, you are buying more than just a piece of land or a roof surrounded by four walls. You are purchasing ... Continue Reading

2015 Tourism in Nicaragua Report


Posted on 19. Jan, 2016 by Adam McGeehan

2015 was a great year for Nicaragua. The country experienced major improvements and growth. Nicaragua’s GDP growth for 2015 was 4.5%, a very impressive number. This ... Continue Reading

Enjoy Financial Growth with Foreign Real Estate Investments


Posted on 13. Jan, 2016 by Mike Cobb

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Recreation Haven – Activities at Gran Pacifica


Posted on 06. Jan, 2016 by Adam McGeehan

Gran Pacifica Beach and Golf Resort is known for many things; Continue Reading

The Advantages of Building Your Second Home in Nicaragua


Posted on 05. Jan, 2016 by Mike Cobb

A second home in an overseas destination can be a fantastic idea for a number of reasons. A second home can be the ultimate place for you and your family to unwind ... Continue Reading

Investing in Developing Nations at the Right Time


Posted on 29. Dec, 2015 by Mike Cobb

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Road to Gran Pacifica to be Paved


Posted on 28. Dec, 2015 by Mike Cobb


As someone interested in offshore real estate, you know that due diligence is a key factor in any decision. Is the property accessible? How easy ... Continue Reading

Avoid the Crowds of Florida and California – Come to Nicaragua


Posted on 28. Dec, 2015 by Adam McGeehan

Everyone loves a beach vacation. The sand, the sun, the waves rhythmically breaking on the shore, what’s not to like? Americans ... Continue Reading

Community is Key at Gran Pacifica


Posted on 22. Dec, 2015 by Adam McGeehan

Gran Pacifica Beach and Golf Resort is more than just a real estate development on Nicaragua’s Pacific Coast. It is a community. Ever since its inception, Gran ... Continue Reading

Cost Comparison: Groceries / Eating Out in Nicaragua vs. United States


Posted on 18. Dec, 2015 by Adam McGeehan

One of my favorite aspects of living in Nicaragua is the food. Nicaragua is full of cafés, bars, restaurants, street food vendors, food courts, and upscale ... Continue Reading

You're Never Far from Home in Nicaragua


Posted on 17. Dec, 2015 by Adam McGeehan

Travel is great. Meeting new people, going new places, the adventure of it all. Traveling can be a great time. However, when living abroad, that little bit of ... Continue Reading