The Most Interesting Places in Nicaragua


Posted on 04. Sep, 2012 by Gran Pacifica

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Why Tourism in Nicaragua is So Popular


Posted on 30. Aug, 2012 by Gran Pacifica

If you're looking for a tropical destination to travel to for your next vacation, Nicaragua is one option that you may want to consider. In recent years, tourism ... Continue Reading

The New Nicaraguan Marketplace


Posted on 28. Aug, 2012 by Gran Pacifica

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Live like a Local with Nicaragua Vacation Rentals


Posted on 23. Aug, 2012 by Gran Pacifica

One of the most important aspects of planning a vacation is deciding where you are going to stay. In most cases, tourists simply book an affordable hotel that is located near the main tourist ... Continue Reading

Nicaragua's Fabulous Beaches


Posted on 21. Aug, 2012 by Gran Pacifica

Nicaraguan tourism is growing at a rate of 20 percent annually. Why? Because Nicaragua is an incredibly beautiful country with a wide variety of things to do and see, where ... Continue Reading

Going to the Dentist in Nicaragua is Easy


Posted on 31. Jul, 2012 by Mike Cobb

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Surfing In Nicaragua - Nicaraguan Surfing Adventures


Posted on 24. Jul, 2012 by Mike Cobb

What’s the hottest surf spot in Central America these days? No, it’s not the sandbars off Playa Zicatella in Puerto Escondido, Mexico. It’s not Witches Point in Costa Rica ... Continue Reading

The Advantages of Condominiums in Nicaragua


Posted on 16. Jul, 2012 by Mike Cobb

The scenic beauty of Nicaragua has made it a popular destination for renting and buying condominiums. The country boasts of a stunning coastline with clear blue waters. The commerce and trade in ... Continue Reading

Buying Real Estate in Nicaragua


Posted on 10. Jul, 2012 by Mike Cobb

Central America is fast developing into a hotspot for tourism and real estate investments. The growing economies, global audiences, stable governments and favorable ... Continue Reading

Facilities for Medical Care in Nicaragua


Posted on 04. Jul, 2012 by Mike Cobb

Nicaragua is officially known as the Republic of Nicaragua. It houses two of the biggest fresh water lakes in the whole of Central America, namely Lake Nicaragua and ... Continue Reading

Nicaragua is a Surfing Hot Spot


Posted on 02. Jul, 2012 by Gran Pacifica

Nicaragua is one of the biggest nations in Central America. The country boasts of a long surfing season lasting for about 9 out of 12 ... Continue Reading

Why Retiring in Nicaragua is a Smart Idea


Posted on 29. Jun, 2012 by Gran Pacifica

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Understanding New Urbanism through Gran Pacifica


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Advice for Investing in Nicaragua Real Estate


Posted on 22. Jun, 2012 by Mike Cobb

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Where To Surf in Nicaragua


Posted on 12. Jun, 2012 by Mike Cobb

Nicaragua's waves don't get as much attention as those in other Central American countries, but this is no reflection on their quality. Nicaragua boasts two very ... Continue Reading