The Today Show and Jetsetter recommend Nicaragua as Where to Travel in 2013


Posted on 04. Jan, 2013 by Gran Pacifica

In case you missed it yesterday, Nicaragua was featured as one of the top tourist destinations for American travelers in 2013. Click below to watch the video.

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An Enchanting Wedding in Nicaragua


Posted on 03. Jan, 2013 by Mike Cobb

I recently enjoyed 2 great weddings, an unusual but delightful occurrence for me to get two great celebrations back to back like this. Â Big Bob and his sweetheart ... Continue Reading

New Urbanism in Nicaragua Fosters an Environment of Inclusion


Posted on 01. Jan, 2013 by Gran Pacifica

The new urbanism movement in Nicaragua is reshaping the area ... Continue Reading

Improvements in Nicaraguan Healthcare


Posted on 27. Dec, 2012 by Gran Pacifica

Since the Sandinista-era, healthcare has been a priority in Nicaragua. Currently, the country is ranked 71st out of 190 in terms of quality healthcare systems in ... Continue Reading

Surfing In Nicaragua Can Include Big Waves


Posted on 25. Dec, 2012 by Gran Pacifica

Surfing in Nicaragua can be one of the best experiences of your life. There are always ways to surf, partly because of the location against the Pacific Ocean. ... Continue Reading

Natural Beauty, Compelling History and a Bright Future in Sight


Posted on 20. Dec, 2012 by Gran Pacifica

Managua Nicaragua is a capital city that has ... Continue Reading

Nicaraguan Tourism up Nearly 12 Percent


Posted on 18. Dec, 2012 by Gran Pacifica

Nicaragua's tourism industry is still in its infancy. Although the past few decades saw the country embroiled in political turmoil that limited investments from other countries, things have ... Continue Reading

Considerations When Purchasing Golf Course Homes in Nicaragua


Posted on 13. Dec, 2012 by Gran Pacifica

Why live in Nicaragua? The real question is, why not? Bordered by the Caribbean Sea on the east and the North Pacific Ocean to the west, this Central American gem is a dream destination to work, ... Continue Reading

Surf, Stingrays and Snorkeling in Nicaragua


Posted on 11. Dec, 2012 by Gran Pacifica

Nicaragua covers about 50,000 square miles, with about one-fifth of the area reserved for national parks and nature reserves. The Pacific Ocean is on the western side with the Caribbean Sea ... Continue Reading

Mike's Gringo Life Radio Show for Dec. 11, 2012


Posted on 06. Dec, 2012 by Gran Pacifica

On December 11, 2012 Mike Cobb host of the Mikes Gringo ... Continue Reading

Nicaragua Embraces the Future with Medical Tourism


Posted on 06. Dec, 2012 by Gran Pacifica

Patients in the United States and Canada have turned to Nicaragua as the newest location to receive quality medical care at lower costs. WellMed Nicaragua, located in Miami, Fla., is making this ... Continue Reading

Gran Pacifica Beach Resort Offers Beach and Sun


Posted on 04. Dec, 2012 by Gran Pacifica

Gran Pacifica Beach Resort is one of the primary spots tourists go to when seeking information about Nicaragua. Gran Pacifica has been on the ground in Nicaragua’s Pacific lowlands for many ... Continue Reading

Overseas Radio Founder on Mike's Gringo Life


Posted on 30. Nov, 2012 by Gran Pacifica

On Mikes Gringo Life, show date December 4th, 2012, Mike will ... Continue Reading

Surfing the Beaches of Nicaragua


Posted on 29. Nov, 2012 by Gran Pacifica

The Gran Pacifica Beach Resort is the place to discover surfing beaches in Nicaragua. The resort is an established North American community with all the amenities and sophistication one would ... Continue Reading

Hit The Links At Nicaragua Golf Courses


Posted on 27. Nov, 2012 by Gran Pacifica

Golfing is a pastime that can be enjoyed by men, women and children. It’s a sport that takes a little time to learn and a lifetime to master. Every day on the links can be completely ... Continue Reading