What is the New Nicaragua?

Posted by Gran Pacifica on Jun 6, 2013 1:18:29 PM

What is the New Nicaragua?If you are interested in international investments or real estate, you might have heard the phrase "New Nicaragua" being used. This simple phrase refers to the changes being made in this beautiful country in Central America.

Unlike some countries in the region, which are rapidly developing and looking increasingly more like any other retirement village in Florida, Nicaragua is going in a different direction.

By embracing the key tenets of new urbanism, the country is increasingly appealing to families, retirees and investors who want to get in on the ground floor of fabulous property development.

More Interest From Potential Investors and Residents

Since Nicaragua is not necessarily following the traditional development trajectory of high-rise apartments and crowded urban areas by the coast, there is a noticeable increase in interest from potential investors and residents. After all, most people would rather buy a waterfront property that will remain waterfront for years to come than a home that could one day be surrounded by skyscrapers. More and more people are looking for a simpler, more scenic life, and property along the coast at the Gran Pacifica Beach and Golf Resort can give you exactly that.

Community Spirit

One of the biggest benefits of the New Urbanism movement in Nicaragua is that it helps join people together in a real community. Unlike some neighborhoods where residents don't know their neighbors and spend most of their time at home alone, these new communities in Nicaragua are designed to encourage walking from place to place. Communities offer residences, restaurants, shops, entertainment and even employment within walking distance of one another, which helps people to feel connected.

Healthier and Happier Residents

Of course, an environment where cars are a less common means of transport than walking is bound to be healthier. Residents can swim, surf, walk to nearby attractions and stay active. Places like Gran Pacifica even offer golf courses so that you can practice your swing without traveling far from home.

Word of Mouth and Positive Reviews

As word of the "New Nicaragua" spreads, there is bound to be an increased interest in the properties for sale in the area. Don't be surprised if prices rise as families, couples and retirees head south.

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