New Urbanism in Nicaragua - Gran Pacifica Promotes this Philosophy of Living

Posted by Mike Cobb on Apr 27, 2012 7:07:09 PM

New urbanism is a philosophy of living that encourages a community environment rather than a sprawled or segregated one. New urbanism is a backlash, in part, to the rapid development of many Western countries where people rely on cars more than on walking for transportation and where people tend to live further away from their neighbors.

A Communal Lifestyle in Nicaragua

The new urban way of life is growing as a lifestyle trend in Nicaragua as more people drift away from the sprawling urban environment of the United States and other nations. As a result, many real estate properties are looking for ways to transform their spaces into a place that encourages walking, protecting the environment, and promoting communal pride in the area. People are encouraged to actively participate in their communities as well as encouraging the use of communal gathering spaces and institutions.

In addition, the movement encourages the inclusion of local history and cultural practices in the landscape and architecture, ensuring that each community has its own style and personality. This unique way of living has drawn the interest of many immigrants to Nicaragua as the country develops and promotes the movement of foreign retirees or investors.

Modern Living with Historical Influence

Although this movement does encourage people to examine the roots of their community and their culture and to relay those in the architecture and design of the community, that does not mean that new urban real estate is outdated or that it lacks modern amenities. Rather, the new urbanism movement integrates a rich cultural heritage with modern appliances and conveniences, including adequate parking for those who drive, central heat and air, modern floor plans to suit the clients' needs and more. You will find that these communities do not lack any of the modern comforts of living, but that the style of living only enhances your experience in the community.

If you are tired of the long hours spent driving from place to place or are seeking a more communal way of life, consider joining the new urban movement in Nicaragua. This is a great place to get to know the local community, culture, and history without feeling the stress of being isolated. The shared spaces and the walkability of these communities make them an excellent destination for retirement or a quick relaxing vacation to Nicaragua.



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