My First Ticket in Nicaragua

Posted on 14. Mar, 2012 by in Living in Nicaragua

Wow, I guess it had to happen.  After 3,467 days (9.5 years) living in Nicaragua and driving almost every day, sometimes a lot, I finally got a ticket.

Not So Lucky

Thus far I had been able to talk my way out of the many other stops over the years.  This time, I had picked up some of the Tsunami Skydivers who had jumped into the fairway of a Nicaragua golf course at Gran Pacifica and was taking them to visit a volcano, Granada and a boat ride on Lake Nicaragua.  I passed a bus on a yellow line and there he was. The officer was very polite as was I; but nevertheless, he took my license and gave me a ticket.

Nicaragua Law

The rule here is that the police keep your license and then you have to pay the ticket at a bank. After that, you go pick your license up at the police station.  The real bummer is that I was leaving in two days to go the U.S. and I needed my license to rent a car. But the human touch still works here.  Pedro called and asked them to hold it in Masaya and he and I went there to pick it up.  The system worked like it should have.




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2 Responses to “My First Ticket in Nicaragua”

  1. John Dugue

    14. Mar, 2012

    I hear West Virginia license plates pass for diplomatic plates in Nicaragua.

  2. Larry Oliveras

    18. Mar, 2012

    How much did you slap their palms with? Ever try using a photo copy of your license?
    I was in the same predicament, going TO the airport to fly out, they kept it and I missed my plane. They also told me where to go pick it up in Managua, and it wasn’t there. Took 2 days and still it didn’t show up.