5 Reasons to Invest in Property in Nicaragua

Posted by Mike Cobb on Nov 25, 2015 12:19:09 PM


Nicaragua is becoming an increasingly popular tourism destination, competing with other top getaway spots like Costa Rica and Mexico. While Nicaragua certainly makes an amazing place to get away from it all, relax on the beach and explore a vibrant culture, it can also be a smart investment with the potential for serious profits and long-term equity growth. Learn more by revealing the five top reasons to invest in property in Nicaragua.

1. Property Prices are Still Affordable

When it comes to buying property, or making any kind of substantial investment, the goal should always be to buy low and sell high. Unfortunately, it can be hard to find any real estate, particularly in a tropical destination or close to the beach, where prices are still low. In Nicaragua, however, real estate is still very inexpensive. If you make the right moves and invest early, while property is affordable, there is a very big chance that you can profit as the real estate market trends upwards and an increasing number of investors are drawn to the beauty and appeal of Nicaragua.

2. Nicaragua is Hospitable to Retirees

Another fantastic reason to invest in property in Nicaragua, even if you don't have plans to move there in the near future, is because the country is incredibly hospitable to retirees. If you meet minimum age and income requirements, then the government of Nicaragua offers a streamlined process for you to become a formal resident of the country and even enjoy duty-free imports to bring in things like cash, cars and furniture. Setting the groundwork for a tropical retirement might start with purchasing affordable real estate as soon as possible.

3. There is Potential for Vacation Rental Income

It is important to note that you don't ever have to visit Nicaragua when you purchase an investment property in the country. Of course, many people will want to enjoy the amazing climate and stunning beaches, but some investors are only after the income potential. If that's you, you can purchase a vacation rental property in Nicaragua and then rent it out, bringing in regular income while the value of the home simultaneously rises over time.

4. You Can Enjoy an Incredible Vacation Home in Paradise on a Budget

If you enjoy taking vacations each year, and you're eager to bring along friends or family, then investing in an affordable vacation home in a place like Nicaragua might actually save you money in the long run. Far cheaper than staying at a hotel for weeks or months each year, real estate in Nicaragua can provide you with the chance to vacation in paradise at a low cost and enjoy customized amenities every time you do.

5. Foreign Investment and Infrastructure is on the Rise

There are no guarantees in investing, but many view Nicaraguan real estate as a solid choice because of the rising foreign interest in the nation. An increasing number of foreign investors are scooping up land, opening local businesses and spending their vacations in Nicaragua. As a result, the infrastructure is improving, which only perpetuates the cycle and encourages more visitors and more investment.

Buying property as an investment always involves a level of risk, but the appeal of real estate in Nicaragua is growing. Savvy investors are taking the plunge due to rising tourism rates, the ease of retirement, the affordable real estate prices and the potential to bring in vacation rental income.

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